Film & TV
Channing Tatum and the cast of Magic Mike XXL make ordinary items sexy
Featuring glove puppets and a cucumber
Harry Styles spitting water GIF
The beauty products that will keep you looking glam and feeling cool all summer long
Yep, permanent cooling body gel is a thing
Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner GIF
Here's the handiest Apple Music hack you need to know
Wanna play your songs offline? Here's how
Cage of Death in Australia
Film & TV
Bucket list backpacking: 12 of the best places to do extreme activities and have wicked experiences
Swimming with crocodiles? Deep sea diving? SKY DIVING?
Kate Moss and Lara Stone make sideburns the new must-have in new Balenciaga campaign
Slaying the game, these two
This Youtube beauty blogger has just made clown contouring a thing and it's wild
Can't even contour normally yet
Kylie Jenner has moved into her new house and it's actually amazing
Friendly reminder: she's not even 18 yet
Film & TV
Who's presenting and performing at the 2015 Fandom Awards then?
Time to find out...
Here's how Kim Kardashian finds the perfect shade of nude lipstick
Kim Kardashian tops the poll of celebs people would actually want to live with
And none for Kanye West
Film & TV
15 things that you'll never have to do again after you leave school
Newsflash: the cosine rule isn't actually that useful irl
Happy Canada Day: Let's celebrate with this gallery of fit Canadian male celebs
'O Canada' has just taken on a new meaning
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announce divorce: 10 Bennifer photos that will make your heart hurt
Love is dead.
Jedward's 'Oh Hell No' music video's batsh*t bonkers (but we kinda love it)
It's also from Sharknado 3. Obviously.
Using that 11 year old's burn in grown up life
We tried using that 11-year-old girl's break up burn and this is what happened
'Go drown in some tea'
Paris Hilton is victim to what must be the cruelest television prank of all time
Unsurprisingly, Paris Hilton is planning to sue the TV show who pulled that plane crash prank
Don't blame her, it was AWFUL.
Little Mix
The Little Mix ladies say they've been all about 'empowering people' since day one
Change, change your life...
One Direction's Harry Styles is officially the most stylish man alive
Yeah, we knew that already
Film & TV
10 times Aria scared the crap out of you on Pretty Little Liars
She plays no games
Justin Timberlake at the Much Music Awards
Justin Timberlake has a younger brother and he's a babe
Aka a full on JT lookalike
Pia Mia
Here's 10 things you need to know about Pia Mia, popstar-type and Kylie Jenner's BFF
1. We essentially wanna be her
Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan party with Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris at BBMAs after party
11 simple steps for throwing a Taylor Swift level party
Step 1: Become rich and befriend Ed Sheeran
Magic Mike XXL new poster- Channing Tatum
Film & TV
Was the peen time worth the screen time? Find out...
This man dresses us as Kim Kardashian
This man dressing up as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and more is the best thing ever
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley GIF
Check out the sneaky nod to the other Harry Potter films in this scene from Deathly Hallows
The attention to detail is riddikulus
Rita Ora
Rita Ora reckons she'd 'never say no' to a collaboration with Zayn Malik
Same, babes
Nick Jonas at the Much Music Awards
Nick Jonas slams CrossFit for 'ignorant' Diabetes tweet
'Please understand it before making ignorant comments'
Kim Kardashian at Cannes Lions
Kim Kardashian speaks out about how women are treated in the media
'By objectifying myself as a woman, I hold the power'
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