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If you want maximum impact for your brand amongst young women, you NEED to advertise on Sugarscape

Sugarscape is one of the fastest growing websites in the UK

June 2012 saw 1.4million unique users read over 12 million pages, in 4.1million visits.

Ranks higher than Heatworld, MyBliss and on both reach and impressions


Sugarscape combines the best of celebrity content with the online community that young women crave

Unique editorial content created by a dedicated team that update the site throughout the day, 7 days a week

The first site to allow young women to set their own agenda by bookmarking their favourite things on the web, sharing with their friends and commenting on them

Traffic - June 2012



Users are reading 2.91 pages and spending an average of 3.19 minutes on the site per session (Source: Google Analytics)


Target audience 16-28.

Most popular categories

Fashion, Beauty products, Music, Films and Books

Brands on Sugarscape

Universal Music Group, Warner Bros, EMI, E1 Entertainment, L'Oreal, Sony Music, Universal Films, Coty, MySpace, Unilever & P&G

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Leaderboards, HPUs (300 x 600), MPUs, Skyscrapers, Billboards, Takeovers, Expandables, Pre-rolls.

Sponsorship of our weekly E-mail newsletter Homepage or section takeovers for limited time

Creation of bespoke sites or competitions which leverage our dedicated audience


Key channels


The shop window into our most popular
stories from the top editorial features,
latest content collected by Scapers and
links to external sites, tools and applications
which our audience love the most


A hub of the latest reads and hottest books you
will NOT want to miss out on. From extracts
and previews to author interviews and
competitions, if it's worth reading it's on

Fashion & Beauty

All the latest fashion and beauty trends, celebrity get the looks and the hottest clothes, accessories and beauty products on the high-street. 


Discover the hottest bands, latest music news and the current chart toppers. Everything you need for your music fix.


All the latest gossip as it happens
throughout the day; exclusive celebrity
programming and web chats; the latest
behind-the-scenes movie clips and games;
competitions galore...oh yes, we love our


Can’t live with them...we’ve got tips and
advice straight from the horse’s mouth (and
boys’ heads) with our video and feature
articles; 2 regular lads record their lives
and loves via video blogs; and we worship
anything tasty with our celeb profiles and
video exclusives. Phwoar.


Comps & Offers

All our great comps in one place with a new
competition every day. We’re just too good
to you.



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