Here's what 7 non-celebs look like before and after contouring

We like both tbh

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Contouring, while super popular, isn't for everyone — it's a specific look that takes T I M E, effort and also YOU BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT IT.

That's why tasked makeup artist Jackie Seabrooke to work her sculpting magic on seven models who don't normally contour their faces. Here's their before-and-after shots - proving that yes, contouring makes ya cheekbones pop - but it's not about completely changing your face, thanks.

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Jackie's simple technique only requires two easy steps - aka it will change your life if you're a lazy girl who wants to dabble in contouring.

How to do it:

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The results:

"I have a really flat face so it was crazy to see my cheekbones and jawline carved out of like, nothing. She literally drew on bone structure, which to me was crazy. Also I loved that her cheek contour #hack made it seem like I had a sassy lil smirk on all day." —Carina

"I have a small face that can look really young, so when I basically had cheekbones painted on, I felt a lot more grown up, like an adult woman. That said, I definitely wouldn't contour my face to this extent on my own, because it felt like I was wearing a lot of makeup. But I would apply bronzer under my cheekbones to make them stand out more." —Emma

"I have a super-round face and nonexistent cheekbones so I thought there was no hope for me. But no! Contouring is basically magic. And now that Jackie's shown me how to do it, I guess that basically makes me a magician too. A magician who has no reason to go without great cheekbones." —Heeseung

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"I love experimenting with makeup when I go out, but I'm pretty intimidated by contouring so it's nothing I've ever tried before. But I really liked how it made my super-round face look, so I would maybe do this again for a big event, but definitely not for my everyday." —Mariah

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"I looked awake, but also gaunt, which is probably really appealing for some people. And no, I probably won't be contouring my face again in the near future." —Charles

"I have a small and round face with patchy skin (Thanks, hyperpigmentation!), so I've always been afraid of contouring because I thought it would bring more attention to my dark spots. But after Jackie evened out my skin tone, the contouring helped give some definition to my features, making my face brighter overall." —Prachi

"I don't normally contour my face because I think it takes too much time and when I want to accentuate my cheekbones, I usually just use blush. But I really liked the way I looked with the contouring that Jackie did under my cheekbones and her bronzer hack was super easy to do. I've already tried it on my own" - Carly

Whaddya reckon - think you'll be giving this a go, or happy with your non-contoured face?


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From: Cosmopolitan
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