Too Faced are launching Brownie-Scented Brow Pencils

But you can't eat them, soz

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Too Faced, a brand known for churning out products that smell (and sometimes look) like sweets, is at it again. You're probably familiar with the chocolate bar palettes that came out in the past that were so convincing in how they looked and smelled that one toddler even ate it. Or, most recently, Too Faced's peach cheek palette that promises to give you a gorgeous flushed glow, some highlight, and bit of bronze all in one, all while giving you nostalgic candy store vibes à la candy peach rings. Or their Grande Hotel Café palettes they released for the holidays that include peppermint mocha, gingerbread coffee, and eggnog lattes palettes. Hungry yet?

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But have you heard about their latest dessert-inspired launch? In case you haven't, here's what they baked for you next: four brownie-scented brow pencils or "brow-nie" pencils as they're referring to them, which, IMO, make the perfect stocking stuffers.

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The beauty giant announced the news on their Instagram a few days ago, adding that the four shades — "Taupe," "Auburn," "Soft Brown," and "Deep Brown" — are available on now for $23 each.

Want a closer look at each shade? Here, ya go:


"Soft Brown"


"Deep Brown"

Get these brow-nies while they're still hot — especially since you know everything this brand makes sells out quicker than you can say, "Mom, can you please get these for me for the holidays?!"

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