Perrie Edwards and Jesy Neslon making fun of their spots on Snapchat will make you feel way better about life

'Cos popstars get acne too.

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Little Mix

You know when you get a spot the size of Mount Everest and it's so red and painful that no matter how many layers of concealer you shove on top, it feels like the E-N-T-I-R-E world is looking at it? Yeah, that.

Well it turns out that us mere mortals aren't the only ones who get that and chances are, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson taking the piss out of their own spots on Snapchat is about to make you fell about 4992943 times better about life.

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'Cos y'know, popstars get acne too.


"Bad skin crew" - • 9/12/2016 via perriesnap • #littlemix #littlemixsnapchat #perrieedwards #perriesnapchat •

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So yeah, next time you have a spot maybe rest assured that we all get them so it's totally not a big deal. You can still be a badass with or without 'em.

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