The Harry Potter series gets retold by people who have never read or seen it - WATCH AND LOL

Fans of Harry Potter may want to take a seat and a deep breath because it turns out that despite having essentially taken over the world with its witchcraft and wizardry, there are still some people out there who haven't seen the movies or read the hit series of books by JK Rowling.

So clearly that makes them the perfect group of people to re-tell the story then, doesn't it?

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The thing is, while this lot of muggles clearly couldn't give two hoots about the fact they missed out on a letter from Hogwarts, the sheer love of Harry Potter that exists means it's pretty hard to avoid the series altogether, so they have got a few ideas about the vague storyline. A totally twisted and often completely hilarious idea, but an idea all the same.

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For example, one woman seems to have picked up the idea of the houses. At least, the idea that there's a really smart house, a cute house and an evil house, not to forget the house of "people that are, like, just generally kind and stuff."

Then there's the guy who seems to have got confused between Twilight and Harry P, replacing Ron with a suspicious sounding character named Jacob, who we're guessing also likes to take his top off for fun.

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Have a watch and a cackle over all the hilarious Buzzfeed vid below...

Someone call Voldemort. We're starting to understand his point of view all of a sudden.

KIDDING. But what do you think about all this?

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