10 things you wouldn't know about Divergent unless you read the books

Probably a good time to mention the movie tagline is 'being different can be dangerous'

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When it comes to seeing one of your favourite books being adapted into a movie, it's always a bit of a worry. Will they make it too cheesy? How will they do dystopia without it looking like the Hunger Games threw up everywhere? Will the lead guy be hot enough?

With Kate Winslet, Shailene Woodley and the divine Theo James on the cast, we weren't too worried about Divergent, which is based on the best-selling trilogy by Veronica Roth.

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But despite bloody loving the movie version, we did notice a few changes between the original story and the one that's found its way into the cinema. So come on, check out the biggest changes we noticed and see just how big of a Divergent fan you really are...

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1. Jumping off trains isn't actually all that safe

The first Dauntless initiate who lobs themself off the train and into the compound actually falls and ends up flatter than a jam sandwich on the pavement below. They didn't include that in the film and settled on Christina and Tris ending up with some grazes from their landing instead.

2. Where's Uriah?

GUH, one of the best characters got cut. A born and bred Dauntless, he's also an initiate and is the one who pals up to Tris and invites her to go on the epic ziplining adventure with them. Fingers crossed he'll be in film two as his story becomes pretty important later on...

3. Capture the flag

Yeah, yeah it's a total excuse for Four and Tris to get all flirty up the ferris wheel and all, but it's also a really important moment for Tris as she shows off her brains and capability as a leader. Her thunder kinda gets stolen by Christina as she grabs the flag at the last minute making things tense between the pair - something they skipped over in the movie, giving Tris all the glory instead.

4. The aptitude test is actually more thorough

Tris might have shown what she was made of against the dog and confused which faction she was best suited for as a result, but they missed out the next scenario with the train, which confuses the next set of factions she's suited for too. Bearing in mind this is what being Divergent is all about, it's a pretty big cut.

5. Edward actually gets stabbed in the eye - WITH A BUTTER KNIFE

Miles Teller might be a hilarious, wise-cracking sort of Peter in the film, but in the books he's a total baddie and ends up showing Edward who's boss in an attempt to assert himself. And how does he do it? With a butter knife to the eyeball. His alliance with Drew and Molly are also missing, and his attack on Tris with Al is toned down too.

6. Drunk Four

Tris and Tobias's love story is a mahoosive slow burn, but while it gradual builds on screen, they missed out a few key scenes. One of our faves is the one where Four's had one too many wines and runs into Tris, making a joke about her calling him her boyfriend. On top of that there's that whole lusty snuggling moment in Four's fear landscape when they're physically smushed up together in the room that closes in on them.


7. Christina and Will? Actually getting their snog on

One of the big side stories in Divergent is the love story arc for Will and Christina, particularly as it has some big implications in book two for Tris, her guilt and her relationship with her bestie. Apart from some mild pats on the arm, the whole thing got cut.

8. The fear landscape

In the books, the fact that Four only has four fears is a HUGE deal. In the movie, there seems to be less of an emphasis on the number of fears and they actually only show five of Tris's seven. As well as that, her fear of being intimate with Four had a weird and slightly more aggressive side than it did to the original potrayal.

9. Four says 'I love you'

To be honest, if this is what they had to cut for us to get a scene where Theo James gets topless and ripples his muscles all over everywhere, we are totally on board. That said, in the book Four does show how much Tris means to him at the end, getting all mushy and professing his lurrrvvve for her.

10. The big ending

You know how Tris injects Jeanine and makes her de-program the serum in the film? Doesn't happen. In fact, Jeanine has a much smaller role in the entire book and comes in more in Insurgent. Still, it's a pretty bad ass ending and the fight between Tris, Four and the Erudite was AWESOME.

So what do you make of the changes then? Think they were right to alter the story?

Let us know below...

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