The movie adaptation of John Green's best-selling novel, The Fault in Our Stars, might finally be hitting cinemas in the UK this week, but we're guessing an hour and a half bawling at the screen won't be enough to rid you of all those feels. So if you're in need of an extra little TFiOS fix, sit back and have a read of the Top 5 Movellas fan fics that are inspired by Hazel and Gus's story.

Warning: You are probably going to cry so much you get hiccups.

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The Fault In Our Stars

Gus’s last gift

We literally cried REAL TEARS OF PAIN when we read this. Written in the form of a letter from Gus to Hazel, he writes to her to say he’s donating his healthy lungs so that she can live. Yep, you did read that right.

It’s clever in that it continues the letter theme too: in the original book, Guswrites to Van Houten to plead for the ending to his book for Hazel. And Hazel receives Gus’s last words via his letter to Van Houten. It just works. Read here.

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Top 5 TFiOS fan fics - Images -

Augustus Waters, an in-erasable mark.

It’s three months since Gus died and now Hazel Grace herself is in hospital. She can’t get Mr Waters out of her head and she’s struggling to deal with her deteriorating condition. Writer @CherniceAmelia has really captured John Green’s writing style and we heart it.

Read here.

Top 5 TFiOS fan fics - Images -


Inspired by one of our fave quotes ever, “I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once,” this award-winning story recreates the feelings of falling in love. Beautifully written, you’ll come back to it time and time again. Okay? Okay.

Read here.

Top 5 TFiOS fan fics - Images -

The Hope in Our Stars

This one is an homage to An Imperial Affliction, which by the way, someone REALLY needs to write. The USP here is that it’s Hazel who dies first, and it’s Gus, who is left behind to pick up the broken pieces of his heart, which we read in a letter he writes to Van Houten. It’s beautiful. *Sniffles*

Read here.

Top 5 TFiOS fan fics - Images -

Infinity: A TFiOS Epilogue

This one feels like it could easily be tacked onto the end of TFiOS. Like an epilogue (Check us out, our English teacher would be proud) You can really tell that writer @Cami_loves_Unicorns is a true fan by the level of detail she goes into.

Read here.

Want more? Then you need to get over to Movellas to read loads more awesome fan fic and you'll also be able to download the official The Fault In Our Stars The Movie Fanfiction app - coming soon. 


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