10 Realistic YA fic plots we'd actually quite like to read

Because not everyone lives in a dystopian post-apocalyptic mess

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Don't get us wrong, we're as much a fan of YA fiction as much as the next gal - actually, probably considerably more than her, taking into account that our bookshelf is literally sagging under the weight of all the books on it. 

But, there's no denying a lot of fiction aimed at young people has a tendency to be a bit dramatic (in a relative way) and a bit unrealistic (in a good way): eg. it wouldn't be too surprising to find a book about a vampire mating with a zombie and producing a unicorn while the Earth crashes down around them all.

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So, in the spirit of finding and appreciating realistic AU plots we're gonna give some prompts to any writers out there in need of inspiration:

1. Having two characters meet after dragging their mum's trolleys around Asda for a food shop.

Love in the confectionary aisle.

2. Having an entire romance novel in text form, with everything printed on the page.

All the fall-outs, awkward misunderstandings, late-night messages etc etc. 

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3. Not having a second suitable admirer that the female character can't make her mind up on.


4. Having a novel where both characters are a bit awkward and embarrassing instead of just one.

And no-ones a billionaire. 


5. The challenges that have to be conquered are normal, small things that pile up rather than one big thing.

Maybe the biggest challenge in the novel is just getting through the school year rather than fighting off hoardes of mutated zombies. 

7. Characters meeting / getting first impressions of each other online.

Two people who go to the same school or have friends of friends who don't know anything about each other/ haven't clicked on each other's Instagram profile? Seems unlikely. 


8. Having two main characters who don't fall in love with each other in the end.

Pretty wild, huh?

9. A story where nobody really knows where they're going or what they want to do with their life.

Nobody wants to be an Olympic diver or the leader of the free nation, everyone just wants to find something they're good at. 


10. A story set during the apocalypse, but the teenage girl decides to leave saving the world to the authorities because they're trained in combat and she's not.

Plus she's got so much revision to do before June.

Your thoughts on this? Let us know with a tweet @sugarscape or drop us a comment in the box below. 


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