QUIZ: Are you more Vivi or Jonah from Emery Lord's new book, When We Collided?

Can you fall in love when you're falling apart?

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This book is not about bipolar disorder and depression. This is a
story about how a girl meets a boy and they fall in love. Mental
health plays a part in their lives, but it is not the focus. It does not
define them.

Seventeen year old Jonah Daniels has lived in Verona Cove his whole life and only one thing has changed: his father used to be alive, and now he's not. Reeling from the tragedy, Jonah must take care of his family.

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Enter Vivi Alexander, the new girl in town. Vivi is in love with life. A gorgeous, unfiltered hurricane of thoughts and feelings, she transforms Jonah's family and changes his life. But there are always consequences when worlds collide.

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Author Emery Lord has also drawn on her own experiences with mental illness to create an honest and frank portrayal of two characters living a love story while carrying their own secrets, after she grew tired of seeing people with mental illness portrayed as crazy side characters.

Vivi has bipolar disorder. Jonah is dealing with severe depression in his life. In fact, almost every character is in some varying stage of managing their mental health or supporting a loved one who is. 

But this is still very much a love story once their worlds collide, and you'll fall in love with everything about it. Promise.

But do you reckon you're an irresistable Vivi, or more of a warm-hearted Jonah? You won't be able to leave either of them behind once you've finished reading, so take the quiz below and find out who you've collided with.

Emery Lord's When We Collided is out on April 7th, so make sure you grab yourself a copy of Vivi and Jonah's story.

Gonna give this one a read? Who did you get in the character quiz? Let us know with a tweet to @Sugarscape.


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