17 completely weird habits of any book addict


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If you listened to your parents and teachers a little too much when they advised you to read as much as you possibly could, then you'll probably have picked up a few interesting/weird/slightly bizarre habits along the way.

So, if books are literally your solace from life's little frustrations, here are seventeen things you probably secretly do, but would never admit to the rest of the world, unless - well, unless every copy of your favourite novel was in danger of being destroyed.

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1. You've been known to page sniff.

The oldier and mustier the book, the better it is. 

2. You always, always, always have to check how long a chapter is.

So you can pace yourself properly, and deduce if anything dramatic is about to happen.

3. You then make a careful judgement about whether you can give it the time it deserves.

If you can't, you'll fight the impulse to continue reading as much as you can - before eventually caving in and reading it anyway. 

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4. If you're on a kindle, you refuse to stop reading until you've reached an integer of 10%.

Anything else would just hideous to look at when you switch it back on.

5. If you're reading paperback, you refuse to stop reading until you've reached a pleasant, undefinable number.

That could be figures of five, even numbers, or a number that ends in a 0 - basically, anything that pleases your soul.

6. You physically cannot be parted from a book once you've started it.

Which is why your siblings/cousins/kids at school used to relish in hiding it when you wern't looking. 

7. But, you deliberately save the last few chapters of a novel for a separate day.

If there's one thing you refuse to do, it's to rush a good ending.


8. You have assigned certain books to certain seasons.

Because reading JRR Tolkien in any season other than Autumn just doesn't feel quite right to you.

9. You deliberately schedule a mix of genres into your reading list.

After a lighthearted comedy, it's time for a high-drama, then a fantasy epic, then a modern horror.

10. The sight of someone writing on a book either horrors, intrigues, or attracts you.

It'll make you feel something, that's for sure.

11. When deciding to purchase a book your trick is to sample a random page in the middle.

If it doesn't engage you, it's going back on the shelf. Tough love. 


12. You feel strongly about book covers with movie posters on the front.

By strongly, we mean you absolutely HATE it; and you refuse to buy the novel until you find an appropriate front. 

13. Only your imminent and violent death would ever make you stop mid-chapter. 

Or worse, mid-dialogue. THE HORROR, THE HORROR.

14. Earmarking is something you're either a snob about, or you actively enjoy doing.

It's actually quite nice when you re-read and see where you last paused for thought.

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15. You have a favourite location to read and if you try anywhere else you feel the flow is disrupted.

You usually start and finish a book in the same place, even if you're not consciously aware of it.

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16. If something intense happens in plot, you put the book down in silence and take ten minutes to mull things over.

Which is especially relevant when someone unexpected dies and you need a time-out to gather your emotions.

17. You consider the idea of giving your books away equivalent to handing Dumbledore your last remaining horcrux.

It's a fragment of your soul; it's not up for sale.

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