Clare Furniss' How Not To Disappear has maybe the cutest book cover we've ever seen

And it's in paperback just in time for summer

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Summer is every book worm's dream, because time away from school and work means time to lean back against a palm tree with stack of reads to get stuck in with, while you chomp on a Cornetto and soak up some sunshine. Or y'know, just more free time in your room to get lost in a novel or two.

And what's extra handy is that loads of your favourite titles are always launched in paperback over the summer months to make them easier to shove into your beach bag, which is exactly what's happened to Clare Furniss' brill story, How Not To Disappear.

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If you haven't ticked it off your To Read list yet then that's gotta change, pal. But before we get stuck in with telling you why, we've got the big reveal of the brand new paperback cover to show you before anyone else finds it. LOOK.

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Preeeeeeeetty. It might be the cutest book cover we've ever seen, y'know. Anyway, what's How Not To Disappear all about, then?

Well, Hattie's summer isn't going as planned. Her two best friends have abandoned her:
Reuben has run off to Europe to 'find himself" and Kat is in Edinburgh with her new
girlfriend. Meanwhile Hattie is stuck babysitting her twin siblings and dealing with
endless drama around her mum's wedding. Oh, and she's also just discovered that
she's pregnant with Reuben's baby...

Then Gloria, Hattie's great-aunt who no one
even knew existed, comes crashing into her life. Gloria's fiercely independent,
rather too fond of a gin sling and is in the early stages of dementia.

Together the
two of them set out on a road trip of self-discovery - Gloria to finally confront the
secrets of her past before they are erased from her memory forever and Hattie to
face the hard choices that will determine her future...


You can get your hands on the gorgeous paperback version of Clare Furniss' How Not To Disappear from 14th July 2016.

Excited to give this one a read? Let us know with a tweet to @Sugarscape, oooh and don't forget to add us on Facebook too.


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