EXCLUSIVE EXTRACT: Read the first chapter of YA novel London Belongs To Us

Ft. a text nobody wants to receive

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Being sent a picture of your boyfriend kissing another girl sounds like something that'd end with you sobbing to a really depressing Spotify playlist and eating pretty much everything within a five metre radius of you. Including the cat.

But for Sunny, the 17-year-old character in London Belongs To Us - hitting rock bottom inspires a journey across London filled with all kinds of excitement and adventure. And there are two hot guys called Jean Luc and Vic to spice things up, too, which is always ideal.

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Well, we've secured the whole first chapter for you to read here, featuring a letter from Sunny's mum that we're pretty sure Sarra Manning poached from the brain of *our* mum. If that's even legal. 

WELL. Let's see what you have to say for yourself, Mark. Douche.

What do you lot think? Good, eh? Let us know with a tweet @sugarscape or drop us a comment in the box below.


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