Daniel Radcliffe is writing a book

Daniel Radcliffe might be off living the life of an international film star, but it sounds like playing author Allen Ginsberg in upcoming movie Kill Your Darlings has got him thinking about what he might do when he grows up.

Ok, he might always be Harry Potter in our hearts but to be fair, Dan has been an adult for quite a while now. Apparently he's not intending to stay an actor indefinitely though and quite fancies himself as an author.

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"I really want to write professionally in the future," Dan told Mandrake.

After bearing his bum for all the world to see when he was in Equus, we wouldn't have thought he would be shy about giving writing a go, but it sounds like even Hollywood stars suffer from stage fright from time to time.

"I try and write at the moment. I don't know if I'm any good, as, normally, when I write I'm so self critical  that it's not long before I have to throw away what I write."

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Daniel Radcliffe in Kill Your Darlings

With friends like J K Rowling, we're not sure why Dan hasn't phoned her up for some writing tips, we're guessing she'd have one or two to share.

"Perhaps I should get in touch with her for some help," Dan added.

Err, maybe.. and if you could ask her to write another seven Harry Potter books while you're at it, we'd be pretty grateful.

So what do you think Dan's book would be about? Do you think it'll be purely fiction or an in depth exposé of life behind the scenes of Harry Potter?

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