Coldplay announce Mylo Xyloto comic book series

Now that we've all had time to fully appreciate Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay have decided to put a fresh twist on things by releasing a comic book series based on the album.

Coldplay announce launch of their Mylo Xyloto comic book series

The storyline of the 6 part comic book series will be based upon the sound of the album and will star a central character who funnily enough just so happens to be called Mylo Xyloto.

Coldplay have apparently been working on an animated film with Kung Fu Panda writer and director Mark Osborne for the last few years, and during development decided they'd like to turn the whole thing into a comic.

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Dropping the news on their website, the Coldplay lads explained their thinking, saying: "Three years ago we had an idea with our friend Mark Osborne about a character called Mylo Xyloto - 'xylo' as in xylophone, 'to' as in toe.

"Gradually Mylo's story and universe came together and this ended up providing the backdrop for the album and tour.

"Now we're proud to announce that early next year the story is going to come out as a six-part comic. We hope you like it. It was fun making it."

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Coldplay announce launch of their Mylo Xyloto comic book series

The band will be introducing it for the first time during Comic Con in San Diego later this week, but you won't be able to get your hands on one until early next year when the series is released.

Having heard about this, we can't wait to see if there's some sort of Rihanna type character represented in Princess of China, but what do you think?

Will you be reading it and what do you think to the look of Mylo Xyloto? Can you see his influence in the music? Comments below please!

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Images: Twitter / Coldplay

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