Reader Review: The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna

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Eva is no ordinary girl - she has been created as an echo, a copy of a girl called Amarra, so that she can replace her if Amarra ever dies. Days and nights are spent learning how she speaks, moves, intracts with her family and boyfriend - until one day, when Amarra dies in a car crash, Eva must do follow through with what she was created to do.

However, it proves harder than she thought; Amarra's boyfriend knows her inside out, and starts to get curious when she starts to act 'differently' she has to make a choice, whether to forever be stuck in Amarra's life, existing as her or as herself...

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Jessica (@hmmJessica) reviews:

If I were to judge the book by it's cover...

I would still pick the book up and have a little look. The extreme close up of half a girls face gives off a mysterious feel and she has a panicy look about her. It makes you wonder what has happened in the story that relates to picture on the front. The blurb on the back is quite simple and doesn¹t give much away but it tells you enough to make you wonder what an 'echo' is and makes you want to start reading the book.

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What's the story?

'The Lost Girl' is about Eva, who is created to take over from someone when they die. She is an 'echo' of Amarra, a girl who lives in Bangladesh. While growing up in England, Eva has to spend her time studying Amarra, learning everything about her life from family, to school work, right down to what she eats and wears everyday. But when Amarra is killed in a crash, Eva has to leave and become Amarra. When she discovers something out of her control, she has to choose whether to stay or run and risk everything.

What did you like about it? Did it win you over?

'The Lost Girl' is a book I had to pry from my own hands to do some homework, or actually get some sleep because it¹s a book you get into really quickly and want to know what's going to happen next. The story has a good pace; you aren't left waiting for something to happen, but it doesn¹t all happen at once. It leaves you anticipating what is going to arise next. The characters are fun and loving, to mysterious and bleak. You will fall in love with the craziness and love that some of the characters have but also come to hate some; there is always someone you are going to hate in a story isn¹t there?

Would you read it again and/or recommend it?

'The Lost Girl' is something I would definitely read over and over again and recommend it to my friends as it is a great story, not to short or to long either. It is a good length so you can read a chapter or two, get some work done, and then go back to the story and get right back into it. Though when I finished the book, I was a little disappointed as it doesn¹t tell you exactly what has happened to Eva and her friends after, but that means it leaves you to figure out what you would like to have happened to them instead.

More importantly, are there any fitties to keep an eye out for? Could they give the Edward Cullens and Ron Weasleys of the literary world a run for their money in the fitness stakes?

Of course there is a little love interest in the book. Sean, who has green eyes, 'the exact colour of the marbles I had to play with when I was little', and 'short untidy hair' that flicks all over the place. Of course, Eva and Sean's relationship has it's problems because of laws and rules. Then there is Ray, who is Amarra's boyfriend and is described as being 'flawless'. He is the one that starts wondering if Amarra is actually Amarra after the crash.

Overall rating?

I would give this book 4 out of 5. It is a fabulous read; you should all read it as I think you would all really really enjoy it and get hooked!

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