Third Bridget Jones book gets 2013 release date

Bridget Jones' Diary author Helen Fielding's agents have confirmed that the third book in the series will be released in the UK this autumn, despite the book not being finished yet.

A spokesperson told BBC Newsbeat that they're "under the impression it could be on sale in October of this year" and that Helen is "still writing the book."

helen fielding bridget jones diary 3

Well, this is all a bit exctiing. But what could happen next for ol' Bridget? The third film in the series; Bridget Jones' Baby, is due for release this year as well, so we're guessing we'll see Miss Jones knee deep in baby poo and covered in the sick of her offspring.

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Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are set to return as Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver, so maybe Bridget will get bored of all the baby stuff and go and have a shag with Daniel, as per.

bridget jones diary

Are you excited about the third book? Bridget Jones divides this office; some love her, some think she's a crappy representation of women.


Hugh Grant on Bridget Jones 3

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