Cover revealed for new Bridget Jones book 'Mad About The Boy' - FIRST LOOK

Grab your granny pants and get ready for a solo rendition of All By Myself as Bridget Jones is back and set to star in new book Mad About The Boy. While the storyline of the hotly anticipated third instalment of Helen Fielding's series is still being kept top secret, the snazzy cover for the book has just been released.

Ooh and ERR:

Bridget Jones Mad About The Boy cover reveal

Set to hit the shelves on October 10, the book that follows on from sequel The Edge of Reason will see old fave Bridge back for more traumas and heartache than ever before. With the last instalment out in 1999, the last 14 years have seen a lot happen for Bridget and with that come a whole load of new challenges that naturally include the perennial problem of the skinny jean, the trauma of a total lack of Twitter followers and the fact that you need at least 90 buttons to simply turn on the telly.

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WE CAN"T WAIT. Now excuse us while we go and sing some awful karaoke and draw a few hearts around pictures of Colin Firth's face.

Are you excited for the new book? And what do you reckon in gonna happen?

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