If you're a fan of the books or have already nipped down the cinema to see the brand new Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie, you'll know that Jamie Campbell Bower's character, Jace, has no problem inscribing the odd rune onto his body. But he's not the only one who likes howing off his etchings and Jamie has is also about to take the plunge and get a permanent little tribute to the role tattooed onto his skin.

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To be fair, Jamie isn't new to getting the odd tattoo and he actually gets one as a memento every time he's in something. We don't know what he got for Harry Potter, but we sincerely hope it was in the wand area.

Anyway, chatting about his latest inking at the London press conference for The Mortal Instruments, Jamie said: "I was meant to go in today, but the tattoo parlour I got to in Soho is closed. I’m getting 'I am, after all, what you made me', which is a quote from one of the later books, on my back with two roses. But recently I got a skull and a cross on the back of my leg and arm.

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"It’s my own stupid fault that I’m sitting in a make up chair for like five hours! I’ve got conversations with the costume designer next week, so I think from now on they’ll be a lot of long sleeves going on. It took about four hours to cover up my tattoos last time."

Jamie Campbell Bower

If Jamie was being sensible about all this, we can't help thinking he might as well have just saved himself some early mornings and got Jace's tattoos done permanently, but apparently he's two steps ahead of us and already thought of that one.

"I didn’t just get the character tattoos done because we didn’t know if we were getting to do movie two at the time," he explained. "But I quite like having my tattoos there underneath the skin and makeup.

"I quite like knowing that I’m still Jamie underneath all that at the end of the day. So that wherever I go I’m still me."

Robert Sheehan Lily Collins Jamie Campbell Bower

To be quite honest, we're a bit disappointed he's not getting Rob Sheehan's face in the arse area, but what do you think about him getting tatts to mark his movie roles?

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