Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris seem to confirm they're dating by holding hands as they leave a HAIM concert in LA
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have made their romance Twitter official
Next they'll be 'married' on facebook
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom 'are not ready to divorce' and 'still secretly talk'?
Oh daymn
Ashley Benson and Grace Phipps
So it turns out that Ashley Benson has a secret actress twin
This is like Sister Sister irl
Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner posts another cute tribute message to dad Bruce Jenner following public announcement of his transformation
"If I could be anybody in the world, I would be my dad"
Bruce Jenner's son Burt calls out 'hypocritical' supporters of his dad's transition
Bruce Jenner's son Burt calls out 'hypocritical' supporters of his dad's transition
Tweet and delete alert
North West looking well sassy in her buggy
Kim Kardashian reveals that North West is already a prodigy at taking selfies
'She doesn't even realise she's taking them'
Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter go hiking
Dougie Poynter and Ellie Goulding poke fun at rumours they're 'not getting on' with cute hiking pics
All the feels
Kendall Jenner celebrates Gigi Hadid's 20th birthday
Kendall Jenner celebrates at best gal pal Gigi Hadid's 20th birthday party
You NEED to see the cake
Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are engaged
Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed marry after 9 months of dating
And obviously the wedding pics are to die for
Kylie Jenner
Wait - did Kylie Jenner just admit her lips are fake on Twitter?
She responded to one fan's compliment with a well cryptic tweet
Bruce Jenner and Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian voices her support for Bruce Jenner's transition as she explains it's been a 'hard adjustment' for the family
The reality TV star speaks out in Today Show interview
The Beckhams show support for Romeo after he runs the children's race at the London Marathon.
The Beckhams come out to support Romeo as he runs the London Marathon's children's race
Errrr, has Tyga got Kylie Jenner's name tattooed on his arm now?
Kris Humphries apologises for hateful Bruce Jenner tweet.
Kris Humphries apologises for hateful tweet about Bruce Jenner's transition
Kim Kardashian's ex-husband initially wrote: 'Man, I'm glad I got out when I did'
Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield
20 celeb break ups that fully broke your heart
We need a happy ever after up in here
Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne
Miley Cyrus's 10 Step Guide to Getting Over a Break Up
Friendly makeout sessions and lots of puppies.
Kardashian's and Bruce Jenner family picture
Kylie, Kendall, the Kardashians and loads of celebs show their support for Bruce Jenner and his transition
'So proud of you, dad. You are so brave'
Chris Brown and Rihanna
Have Rihanna and Chris Brown rekindled the flame?
We don't know anymore
Blac Chyna shares awkward texts from Tyga.
Blac Chyna has shared some awkward-looking texts from Tyga on her Instagram
Where's the awkward turtle emoji when you need him?
Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger - Miley Cyrus images - sugarscapecom
Miley Cyrus has been snogging her gal pal after Patrick Schwarzenegger split
She can't be taaamed
Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner tells Diane Sawyer 'I'm a woman' as Rob and Kim Kardashian send messages of support
'I've always been very confused with my gender identity...'
Laverne Cox in Orange is the New Black
Every Question You Have About Transgender People, Answered
There, now you know
Justin Bieber takes pals Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin to a Pancake House
Shame their finished cake looks a bit like Selena
Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane
Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane Hansen splits up with boyfriend Nela Otukolo over cheating claims?
Harmonizers trended #DinahDefenseSquad on Twitter
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis respond to bonkers claims that she stole a chicken in Ukraine
Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis respond to bonkers claims that she stole a chicken in Ukraine
This might be the weirdest celeb story ever
Sawyer Sweeten
Everybody Loves Raymond star Sawyer Sweeten commits suicide aged 19
Tributes pour in for the child star
Cody Simpson and Kylie Jenner
21 celeb couples that you totally forgot dated
Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson anyone?
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