Bella Thorne Is Sick of People Complaining About Her Instagram

"'F*** 'em, get off my socials."

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Bella Thorne has transformed quite a bit since her Disney Channel days. In her younger years (when she starred on Disney's Shake It Up!), every interview and photo was cookie-cutter cute. Now that Bella is a big girl, her social accounts have taken a more authentic turn — as seen in her skin-baring pics that boast massive fake tattoos.

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Or in her, uh, quirky videos of burping.

Like seemingly every outspoken young woman on the internet, Bella has haters who find her a little too real. Way back when, this would have bothered her. "I just wanted to please everybody," she said in a new profile for Maxim magazine of her years with Disney. "I wanted to be what everyone else wanted me to be: the funniest, the prettiest, the most interesting, the one with the sweetest voice, all that s***.

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"I used to be upset when I would see the comments," she continued. "But I've started to realize that [commenters] may be going out of their way to make people feel bad about themselves because they have their own insecurities."

Bella admitted she still feels flashes of resentment. "Sometimes I just want to say, 'F*** 'em, get off my socials, dawg. There's always somebody that tells me to change," she griped. Bella said she's doing her best to focus on the people who appreciate her for who she is. "My fan base likes me because I'm a regular teenage girl, and if you don't like it, don't follow me."

You tell 'em Bella! And people of the internet: If you're not entertained by videos of hilarious girls burping on command, you know just what to do.

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