Taylor Swift celebrates her 24th birthday by donating a whopping $100,000 to struggling Nashville Symphony

We’re not ashamed to admit that our favourite way of celebrating our birthday is eating slabs of cake until we feel like we’re about to vomit, buying ourselves a sparkly dress to prance around in, and making sure that all our mates have bought us some good prezzies.

But Taylor Swift is clearly a much better person than we’ll ever be, as she’s celebrating turning 24 this week by giving away a HUGE sum of money to some folks in need. Someone give the girl an extra piece of caterpillar cake, for the love of god.

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Taylor Swift

TayTay turned the big 2-4 on the 13th of this month, and did have a little bash with her mates to celebrate earlier in the week, but rather than being the one to bag all the prezzies, she was the one doing the giving.

It emerged yesterday that super-sweet Swizzlestick made a surprise donation of $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony, who were on the brink of foreclosure as they struggled with money troubles. FOUR FOR YOU TAYLOR SWIFT, you lovely little sausage.

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The organisation is pretty close to Taylor’s heart, as she moved to Nashville, the home of country music, at the age of just 14 to pursue her own career. Ten years later, she’s giving back in a MASSIVE way because of it, which we think is pretty freakin’ cool.

Taylor Swift

The organisation tweeted their thanks to Taylor on Friday, writing: "We are profoundly grateful for @TaylorSwift13's donation. Thank you, Taylor, for supporting musicians & music in MusicCity! Happy Birthday!" Oh, don’t mind us, we’ve just got something stuck in our eye... SOB SOB.

This isn’t the first time that Tay’s proved that she’s a right good egg when it comes to giving generously (Nope we’re not about to make a pervy boyfriend joke). 2012 saw her crowned as the most charitable celeb of the year, dontcha know.

What do you think about Taylor’s amazingly generous gift to the Symphony? Impressed at her selflessness on her own birthday? Chuck us a comment and we’ll talk Tay.

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