Miley Cyrus denies she's dating Austin Mahone: 'People prove their stupidity'

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So here's the thing - whenever a male and female celeb are spotted so much as *looking* at each other at some kind of big glitzy event, tongues start wagging. It's all 'OMG they're a thing', 'We ship it' and 'Agh we're already shopping for the wedding hat'. So obviously when Miley Cyrus was snapped hugging her rather fit pal Austin Mahone at one of about 5000 Jingle Balls recently, everyone thought #Maustin was gonna happen.

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But nope. No sireee. Naht gonna happen - 'cause Miley's now TAKEN TO TWITTER to deny the pair are together and claim that 'people prove their stupidity.' Gah.

Miley Cyrus and Austin Mahone - Miley Cyrus and Austin Mahone images -

Image: Twitter

In a mini rant, Miles said: "DONT hug your friends goodbye unless you wanna be rumored "dating"" [sic], before adding "I wanna think more of the world but people just keep proving their stupidity." Oh, then she responded to a fan saying: "jealous???? Ps why does it look like I'm crying?! Like I'm the world biggest Austin Mahone fan?!?!" [sic].

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So there you go. #Maustin. #notathing.

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What d'ya reckon, then? Comments after this vintage Miley vid, please.


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