Taylor Swift as an adorable 4-year-old in vintage Christmas home movie - WATCH

Taylor Swift might be BFFs with Ed Sheeran, have great hair and spend a large amount of time naming and shaming celeb ex-boyfriends in song, but it's nice to know that she's human and once upon a time, was just as bonkers as the rest of us were as kids.

Unfortunately the home movie she's posted to prove this fact doesn't show her chasing boys around the playground trying to force them to kiss her or even her with a haircut that was created by her mum putting a bowl on her head and physically cutting around it, but it's still pretty cute.

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4 year old Taylor Swift in Christmas home movie - Images - Sugarscape.com

Clearly feeling a bit festive to be reunited with her friends and family back at home, TayTay decided to celebrate the holiday season with a little snippet from a home movie taken at Christmas back in 1993, when she was four.

Posting the clip on Instagram, she said: "Christmas 1993, on a very important phone call with Britany."

Have a watch and an aww below:

Oh hey Taylor, can you say SASSPOT?

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