Taylor Swift named as 2013's Tennessean of the Year: 'She's one of the most dynamic and popular performers in the world'

Taylor Swift has won a fair few awards in her time. Her mantlepiece must be chocka-block with shiny statues from the Grammys, EMAs, and Billboard awards to name a few, but we reckon that her latest prize might be taking the ultimate pride of place.

TayTay has officially been named as 2013’s Tennessean of the Year, a title given to the person who ‘made the most exceptional contribution to the lives of Tennesseans this year’, and has previously been won by ACTUAL Dolly Parton. OH TAYLOR MUST BE SO PROUD *wipes away a single tear*.

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Taylor Swift

Swizzo bagged the prestigious title from Nashville’s The Tennessean newspaper. The publication praised her amazing musical achievements, and highlighted the fabby charitable contributions which she’s often involved with. Y'know, like her huge donation to the Nashville Symphony, her $4 million gift to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and her creation of the Taylor Swift Education Center. Casual.

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Speaking about the award, Taylor was keen to share how proud she is to be celebrated by her hometown: “I would not be the same kind of person without Nashville. It has shaped me into who I am”.

Oh she’s a right good egg, our Swifty. Kinda makes you wonder why everyone likes focusing on who she’s been snogging recently, when actually she’s been spending her time doing these amazing things, dontcha think?

Taylor Swift

Unleashing his inner fangirl, the mayor of Nashville quite frankly gushed about Swizzo: "She’s one of the most dynamic and popular musical performers in the world, and she's perceived as having universal appeal across categories. She transcends genres, and that's a great thing for the city."

Yeah, that’s how we would have worded it too. Ahem. Proud of Taylor for winning such a great and personal prize? We challenge you to name a COOLER Tennessean of 2013 than her, thats fo’sho.

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