Perrie Edwards says she relates to One Direction fans jealous of Zayn Malik relationship: 'I've been really lucky'

It's pretty much every girl's dream to snag a boyband member of their very own - here at Sugarscape we regularly fantasise that we've been whisked away by a mash up of Liam Payne, George Shelley and Nathan Sykes, for example.

Bearing this in mind it can be pretty heartbreaking when the object of your boyband affections gets loved up with someone else - something Little Mix singer and Zayn Malik's ACTUAL FIANCEE Perrie Edwards understands.

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Yep, despite the fact she's living a life that we're 67.4 per cent sure is meant to be ours, Pezza is anything but smug - revealing that she can relate to One Direction fans who are jealous of her Zerrie love.

"When I was younger, and I found out Jesse McCartney had a girlfriend, I was heartbroken," she told Now magazine.

"I was like: 'Noooo!'. Then Dougie Poynter from McFly started seeing Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays and I was gutted. So I can relate, you’re a young girl with a crush on someone. You’re like: ‘Damn it!’."

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Zayn and Perrie

Perrie also revealed that while she's had a few nasty comments, the majority of Directioners have been really quite nice about the fact she gets to fondle El Maliko's quiff on a regular basis.

"I’ve been really lucky, One Direction fans have been really supportive," she said. "I had so much positive feedback. Our Little Mix fans are incredible – they’ll support us no matter what."

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