Ever since Ke$ha checked herself into a rehab centre to be treated for an eating disorder, people have been wondering just how long she suffering before actually going to seek help.

But now, Ke$ha's mother Pebe Sebert has spoken out about just how bad her daughter's condition got before finally choosing to admit herself into a treatment facility.

Ke$ha's mum opens up about her daughter's eating disorder - Ke$ha images - sugarscape.com

Pebe, who was confirmed to have checked in to the same rehab centre as Ke$ha for post traumatic stress disorder, has opened up to People magazine and explained that Ke$ha's eating disorder had reached the point where doctors were fearing for her life.

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Pebe told the magazine: "[The doctors] told me her blood pressure and sodium were so low they'd never seen that, except with someone who'd had a heart attack or stroke.

They said it was a miracle she hadn't dropped dead onstage. She had a breakdown. She called me from the gas station and admitted how much she'd been throwing up...

I just said, 'OK,' and called some [treatment] centres. Ke$ha agreed to talk to them, liked what they said and basically cried until we got her there."

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Ke$ha's mum opens up about her daughter's eating disorder - Ke$ha images - sugarscape.com

While that's certainly a difficult thing to read, it should help serve as an eye-opener and also an inspiration to allow anyone else who may be suffering from an eating disorder to reach out for the help they need.

But what do you think about Ke$ha's mum's comments? Are you shocked that Ke$ha suffered in silence for so long?

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What do you think?