Kim Kardashian shares super cute new family photos of baby North and Kanye West - PICS

We reckon that when they grow up, baby North West, baby Blue Ivy and baby Harper Beckham will be like some kind of new girl supergroup that will take over the whole entire world with their amazing fashion sense, sassy attitudes, super cool dads and FIERCE momagers.

We’re not sure which one of them will come out as the breakthrough star from the group quite yet, but little North with her pudgy face of gorgeousness is definitely going to give it  go, judging by the gorgeous new snaps that her mama Kim Kardashian shared this week.

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Kanye and North

Baby Nori might only be about nine months old, but it looks like she’s already picked up a few posing tips from her mum, as she showed off her best smizing skills and worked the camera like a pro while chilling on her dad’s back.

Speaking of Papa Kanye, LOOK. HE’S SMILING. Even though there's a child with babysick on her sleeve stealing a piggy back on his very expensive shirt. Does this mean that the apocalypse is coming soon?

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Kim shared the snap of Kanye looking less moody rapstar and more normal dad-ish while chatting on The Ellen Show, before posting them later on her Instagram page for us all to coo over, make super high pitched squeals about, and imagine squshing North’s chubby cheeks.

She also shared a mini baby photoshoot of North minus Kanye, who’d probably gone to sit in a corner and recover from his moment of happiness.

North West

Top right: Look how gorgeous I am. Look at my button nose. Look at my tiny toes. Why have you dressed me in this grey sack, woman?
Bottom left: Sass personified. Raised eyebrow and all.
Bottom right: Check me out, I’m so damn cute even with this ridiculous small pom pom on my head.

AGH, can someone tell us where we can buy a baby North from please? We haven't been this in love with a young'un since Simba in The Lion King. Reckon she's a little cutie?


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