Jennifer Lawrence stained her American Hustle dress with Doritos crumbs: 'She's not against eating snack food in her costume'

Every single thing that Jennifer Lawrence does makes us think that we’re destined to be best mates with her one day, and her latest hilarious antics are probably concrete proof. She loves crisps, we love crisps... It's meant to be.

The guy in charge of wardrobe for her latest flick, American Hustle, has revealed that despite being dressed every day in expensive retro-inspired, custom made frocks, J-Law would still be diving head first into a bag of Doritos in between takes. She is us, we are one.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Costume designer for American Hustle, Michael Wilkinson, spilled to Vanity Fair that Jen managed to cover her costumes in the magical orange dust that we know and love so well, and admitted that she’s so clumsy with her snack-eating that he had four back up dresses on stand by, just incase of any crumby fingers/sauce stains/slobber marks.

He revealed: “I'm kind of glad we did [have more than one dress made] because Jennifer Lawrence is a very...let's say...raw and intuitive young lady and she's not against eating Doritos and snack food in her costume. So we were glad that we had a couple.''

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Is it bad that we’re mainly concerned what what her prefered flavour is? We’ve got her pegged as a Cool Original kinda gal. Seeing as she is frickin' cool and very original. Buh dum chhhh.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer, if you happen to be reading this, we have all the Doritos you could ever ask for stored away in our office drawers, and we don't even mind if you wipe your fingers on our spinny chairs. In fact, we reckon a bit of orange adds to the decor.

What do you reckon to Jennifer's wipey fingers? Loving that she's so normal? Chuck us a crisp-related comment in the box below.

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