Perrie Edwards talks her favourite One Direction 'Midnight Memories' song and Zayn Malik's proposal: 'It was the happiest day'

AGH - today's a *well* exciting day for the Little Mix ladies as they're finally releasing the Salute album over in America. And what's the best way to get our pals across the pond excited about having their eardrums penetrated by loads of amazing tunes? By doing a big Twitter Q&A thingamajig, of course.

Yup - last night the girls got all interactive with their Mixers, and Perrie Edwards opened up about everything from her fave One Direction Midnight Memories album track to the day Zayn Malik proposed. Hooray.

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Perrie Edwards talks One Direction and Zayn Malik's proposal - Perrie Edwards images -

Now obviously loads of fans were after a bit of Zerrie goss, and thankfully for them our Pezza was well up for a chinny chin chinwag.

When one Mixer asked what her favourite Midnight Memories song is, she somehow managed to fit it into 140 characters and gushed: "You and I, Zayns adlibs are outta this world ;) aha Perrie <3" [sic].

Agreed, babes. And do Zerrie ever...say...sing these ad libs around the house together? "He sings all the time, but I'm too shy in front of him haha!" [sic], she said.

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Gah - we think we're gonna have to take a minute. These Zerrie feels are too. frickin'. much.

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards at Disneyland - Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards images -

Image: Twitter

Oh, and in case you were wondering how Perrie reacted when el Maliko proposed (other than literally dying on the spot, obvs), she said: "Happiest day of my life! :)" [sic].


What d'ya reckon? Loving Pezza's honesty? Comments please and a-thank you.

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