Jonas Brothers share new super cute photos with Kevin's baby daughter Alena - PICS

Since she arrived four days ago, we’ve been strictly wearing pink and only eating candy floss to celebrate the arrival of Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle’s gorgeous baby girl, Alena. Otherwise known as #BabyJonas, which we think is what’s actually written on her birth certificate.

After we’d gotten over the slight shock of Alena being shown off to the world via a sponsored tweet, we were getting very excited for a whole load of ovary-implodingly cute pics to arrive of Kevin being all fatherly, and guess what? THEY’RE HERE. UTTER JOY.

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Kevin and Alena

Kevin’s been sharing a couple of heartbreakingly adorable pictures on his Instagram page, including this lovely black and white snap of him giving his daughter a smooch on her teeny tiny head. The sight of a newborn baby next to that manly beard is the stuff of dreams.

Nick and Joe have also started their duties as proud uncles (or Juncles in JoBro world), probably singing Alena to sleep with an a cappella version of Love Bug.

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Your day will be suddenly filled with sunshine and rainbows after you take a peek at this snap of Joe cradling Alena and looking at her like she’s the most magical thing he’s ever seen. OWW OUR OVARIES.

Joe and Alena

Unfortunately there’s no snaps yet of Nick with the beautiful babba, but we imagine it’s probably going to be worth the wait. Until then, here’s a snap of Kevin and Alena looking so perfect that we want to poke ourselves in the eye.

Kevin and Alena

OH GAHD IT HURTS. Someone give us a Jonas baby right this second, or maybe just a Jonas Brother to impregnate us, if that’s any easier.

Is this the most joyful article you’ve ever read? Do you want to go and skip in meadows with bunny rabbits now? How flippin’ cute is Alena with her daddy and Uncle Joe? Comments please.


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