Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards meet fans while out and about in LA - PICS

In a weird and wonderful turn of events in the One Direction world, while Harry Styles is actually firmly on UK soil making teal suede seem like a good idea, it’s Zayn Malik who’s over in LA getting up to all sorts of American shenanigans.

Although there’s definitely less of a taste of Bad Boi in the air, it seems as though he’s having a smashing time with his rather fabulous fiance, Perrie Edwards, as the pair were spotted out and about last night, and even took time for photos with a few fans. Little loves.

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Zayn and Perrie

Three gals were lucky enough to stumble across Zerrie earlier in the week, and grabbed a couple of photos as well as bagging autographs for their book. Bonus points for excellent organisational skills, ladies.

As you can probably guess, Zayn was looking tremendous as usual, rocking skinny jeans and a slouchy vest, along with a sleeveless plaid shirt which showed off his insane tattoo collection in a TRES attractive fashion.

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Zayn Malik

Meanwhile, Pezza was looking pretty incredible too, and if she could let us know how she makes her hair do that beachy voluminous thing, we’d appreciate it.

OH MAN, they look so happy. Even though they’re in like, the two biggest boy and girlbands in the pop industry, they’re a pretty rock and roll couple with all those tatts and nose rings, aren’t they? So cool that it hurts our eyeballs a bit.

Zayn and Perrie

The girls who bumped into Zerrie took to Twitter to confirm that they are indeed, probably the nicest people in the whole entire world, writing: “Zayn and Perrie we're so down to earth! They we're the sweetest people I ever met! So kind and warm”

AGH, all the feels. Glad to see Zayn and Perrie looking so happy on their little LA stint? Chuck us a comment in the box below.


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