Barbara Palvin denies that she and Niall Horan were ever dating: 'He's just my friend'

We’ve barely finished our first cuppa of the day and we’re already baffled by the latest story surrounding the love lives of the 1D boys. This time it’s all about el Nialler Horan, and his rumoured relationship with Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin.

At one point it looked like things were getting pretty serious between the pair, after they were spotted out on tons of ‘dates’ together, but Barbs has spoken out to deny that there was ever anything romantical between the pair of ‘em. So that’s Nialler officially friend zoned for the 751st time, sigh.

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Niall and Barbara

December and January were filled with tales of Narbara getting up close and personal at parties, the cinema, a JLS gig, dinner at the pub and a tres steamy, ahem... golf date. However, it sounds like we were getting our knickers in a twist over nothing, as Barbara has confirmed that she and Niall have only ever been friends.

Chatting at the Elle Style Awards this week, Barbara told Digital Spy that she and Nialler are strictly mates: "He's my friend. I've always been a girl [who] hangs out with boys, and I'm not going to change that, even though people write stuff about me."

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Revealing why she gets on with Blondie so well, she explained: "He's a lovely guy - fun, Irish, sarcastic all the time. But, I'm sarcastic too."

And it wasn’t just El Crazy Mofo that she had loadsa nice things to say about, as she admitted that she’s a big fan of all the One Direction lads: "I like them too, they're all very nice people. They're all so hot."

Niall and Barbara

We’re not sure it’s strictly fair that a Victoria’s Secret model is allowed to say that the 1D boys are hot when they've already got the advantage of having faces crafted by angels. We’ve been in the dating queue for Niall for three frickin’ years, aren’t their laws about how this works?

OOH, so that’s Narbara put to bed then. Any guesses for who Niall will be linked with next? Let us know what you make of Barb’s revelation in the comments box below.

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