Zoella talks YouTube: 'I'm not a celebrity, I'm just a normal girl. My subscribers see me as a friend'

Forget seeing Zoe Sugg's face all over the internet because she's only gone and landed her very first solo mag cover on this month's Company. But as well as looking totally fabulous and showing off her fashion credentials, Zoella's been getting serious about YouTube, chatting about her success and how she thinks having a whopping four million subscribers in no way makes her a celeb.


Chatting about how things have gone from making the odd video in her bedroom to being so well known that she's got her face on the front of a mag, Zoe said: "I started a blog in 2009 because I wasn't enjoying my job and it was like my own little place to be creative and to talk about things that I really liked."

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It was never about making a career though and the whole success has come as a bit of a surprise, especially as it all started as an experiment to push her boundaries.

"Having a place to talk about my anxiety has really helped me," Zoe says. "Plus, I'm often doing things that are outside of my comfort zone and pushing myself."

"But I don't feel like a celebrity," she insists. "I think it's just that I'm a normal girl - I talk about my problems and I go on camera with no make-up on - there's even footage of me sleeping online!

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"I don't think my subscribers see me as a celebrity either because a lot of them have been on the journey with me - they just see me as their friend."


So what's the best thing to do if you want a slice of the YouTube action?

"I would love to say that there is a specific thing someone could do," Zoe says. "But I think the main thing that really works is that, if you're having fun, being yourself and filming something that you would watch yourself, it becomes contagious for other people to watch too."

Ooh and ERR. So what do you make of Zoe's advice then?

Let us know below...

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