Seeing as Spiderman is always going round shooting his white stuff all over the place (errmmm...) it was about time that Andrew Garfield got a taste of his own medicine really. So what happened when he attended a press conference in Japan yesterday with his on and off screen girfriend, Emma Stone?

Well, naturally the crowd chuck a load of white stringy crap all over them, of course. And proving that they’re the most awesome celebs going, they were actually kinda loving it and didn’t throw a single diva strop.

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Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Before we start talking about anything else, let’s just take a moment for that loving gaze. Our hearts have just turned to custard.

The pair continued their rather exotic press tour over on the other side of the world, this time joined by Jamie Foxx who plays the baddie, director Marc Webb and loads of producers, who all got in on the webby action and gave Andy G a nice new hairstyle.

Anyway, it’s official that Spiderman got well and truly owned at his own game. Even those very snazzy tartan trousers couldn’t save him.

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Emma and Andrew


Speaking of the trousers department, Andrew recently told The Project that one of the most stressful parts of playing a superhero who wears a tight Spidey suit, is the err... view: "It takes a lot of consideration, because you don't want it to be overwhelming or underwhelming... I had one focus group, and that focus group was Emma. And she approved."

WE APPROVE TOO. Not that we’ve been looking. Nope, definitely not interested in any lycra-clad crotches, thank you very much.

Hands up if you lurve Emma and Andrew. Looking forward to the new Spidey movie? Comments please, you lot.


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