Katy Perry dating rapper Riff Raff following John Mayer break up?

Katy Perry and John Mayer might not be getting back together, like ever, but it sounds like there's already a queue of musicians wating to take J-May's place. At the front of the queue might just be US rapper Riff Raff (we're guessing that's not the name he was given at birth, in case you were wondering) and apparently he's already taken her out for a bit of romantic action.

Having supposedly treated Katy to a trio of dates that included activities such as bowling, drinks and Sushi, Riff has apparently swept the singer of her feet with his romantic ways and presumed fish breath.

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"Riff has totally disarmed Katy," a source told Closer. "He's incredibly confident and isn't intimidated by her success. He's a bit bonkers and is just what Katy needs to get over John. She's barely stopped talking about him since they went on a date."

"No one thinks things are serious between Katy and Riff, it's just a bit of fun," the source added. "Katy is really taken with him, though.

Posting a snap of the pair on a date a couple of weeks ago, Riff, who coincidentally looks like a carbon copy of Alien in Spring Breakers, said: "ON A DATE WITH KATY PERRY SHE IS PURDY." [sic]

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Well if that doesn't say romance, we don't know what does although perhaps his bright blue hair explains a little something about why she's decided to dye her locks slime green this week.

What do you make of this supposed romance?

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