Kristen Stewart gets given an ACTUAL WOLF as a pet for her 24th birthday?

We always thought Kristen Stewart was secretly a bit of a Twilight hater, you know, despite the fact she starred in the entire franchise as vampire (and occasionally wolf) lover Bella Swan.

WELL, it looks like we can breathe a sigh of relief because K-Stew has shown her true colours - and she's as into giant tribe wolfy tattoos and high pitched howling as the rest of us. Hurrah.

Kristen Stewart gets actual wolf for her birthday? - Kristen Stewart images - 

According to some super weird reports, Kristen's apparently been given a *pet wolf* for her 24th birthday, and while there's no confirmation on whether the wolf is actually Jacob Black, it turns out K-Stew's new furry pal was a present from her mum - WHO ALREADY OWNS FOUR WOLVES.

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A source told the Daily Star: “Kristen and her mum adore wolves and see nothing wrong with keeping them as domestic pets.

“Jules has even had fierce run-ins with her neighbours over the issue in the past. Kristen has always longed for one of her own.”

And it seems it was love at first sight for K-Stew and her new furry pal, because the insider added that the two were soon sharing their snacks like the best of friends.

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Kristen Stewart gets actual wolf for her birthday? - K-Stew images - 

"Jules secured the rescue wolf last month, then brought him along to Kristen’s Malibu beach house as a surprise on her birthday. “She was delighted, and was soon even sharing cakes with him!” What. Even.

Well, we can't help but really hope this news is true - but what do you make of all this? Mental or what? Comments please...

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