Simon Cowell: 'Louis Tomlinson text me asking for Britney Spears' autograph'

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Here at Sugarscape, we like to think that for #lazyjournos we're actually alright when it comes to knowing stuff like what Niall Horan had for breakfast or the name of Zayn Malik's mum's second cousin once removed's dog's name - but every so often we spy something we missed on Twitter that blows our bloody brains out. Today's hilarious #ThrowbackThursday moment? Louis Tomlinson genuinely texting Simon Cowell for Britney Spears' autograph.

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Ah - that recurring dream of Luigi emerging from a snake habitat a la actual Britney circa VMAs 2001 with Liam Payne watching on in disbelief all makes sense now. Phew.

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Yup - we don't know how this passed us by at the time, but apparently Doncaster's very own Sass Master text Uncle Si around the time of The X Factor USA in a bid to get Britters' autograph. For Fizzy, obviously. Er...yeah. Definitely Fizzy. Not him. ASKING FOR A FRIEND etc.

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When Simon was asked what the last text he recieved was (he's probably had a few since then, like), he said: "I think the last text I got from Louis was 'can I have Britney's autograph?' I got it for him, yeah. But we have a good relationship and it's a friendship...we had that from day one."

Incredible. You just know he'd work the ...Baby One More Time choreography in his school uniform, don'tcha? OH BAYBEH BAYBEH.

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What d'ya reckon, then? Best thing you've ever heard? Comments puhlease.

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