Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks spark rumours they're back together after they're spotted kissing - Pics

So as soon as Ariana Grande premiered her shiny new summer smash of a single Problem, everyone started yapping on about how it may or may not be about her former fella Jai Brooks. AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW? While the rumour mill goes into actual overdrive, Ari and ex-boyfriend Jai have been spotted kissing backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in LA. AGH.

Yup - it seems Jariana are officially back on despite the whole Nathan Sykes debacle of 2013, and we're properly shipping it all over again. Look how frickin' cute they look.

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Ariana (who, incidentally, was wearing potentially the best outfit of all time) and Janoskians Jai were snapped looking all loved-up backstage at the awards, generally looking like love's young dream and making us all wonder if we'll ever listen to Almost Is Never Enough in the same way again.

Here they are doing some walking together.

And here they are being all cutey cutey kissy kissy.

So there you go - it looks like #Jariana's officially a thing again. Soz Nathan babes. What d'ya reckon? A bit after the Janoskians boys got a bit pissed off with her last time round? Shipping it? Comments puhlease.

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Images: Twitter

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