Taylor Swift is 'dating' Zach Braff: 'They've had a flirty relationship for a while'

There might not have been a Taylor Swift themed dating rumour for a while, but prepare yourselves for another slightly surprising coupling as it's now rumoured that Swifty is supposedly seeing actor Zach Braff.

Yes, the same Zach Braff who just so happens to be best buddies with hey ex-boyfriend, One Direction's Harry Styles.

Taylor Swift and Zach Braff hang out backstage at new musical Bullets Over Broadway - Images - Sugarscape.com

Snapped hanging out together behind the scenes of Zach's latest Broadway project last month, the pair definitely seemed like pals. But naturally this has now developed into a few rumours about them doing the horizontal hokey cokey - especially as the actor has now broken up with his girlfriend, who confusingly is also called Taylor [Bagley].

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"Taylor [Swift] and Zach have had a flirty relationship for a while, and [the other] Taylor was always jealous - it was part of the reason they broke up," an insider apparently told Heat.

"She and Zach were even posing for selfies and posting them online while Zach and [the other] Taylor were in the process of split up.

That's not it though and while we assumed he and Swifty were just bonding over how good of a big spoon Harry Styles is, the blabbermouth reckons Zach and Taylor are keen to give some snogging behind the bike sheds a go.

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The source added: "Zach likes Taylor and is keen to pursue a romance. She's into it, too. They've been hanging out in New York while he's in the play Bullets Over Broadway. He'll head to her TriBeca apartment after the show, and they\re often spotted at Union Square Farmers' Market.

Harry Styles

"They like going to see bands at warehouse parties, too. Zach's keen to keep this out of the public eye - he doesn't want to be part of her songwriting - and Taylor says she's ready for something more mature now."

This is all starting to sound a bit like an episode of Girls and frankly we can't help thinking that all this is probably going to end with TayTay dancing about in nothing but a yellow string vest with a stethoscope around her neck.

But what do you think - reckon there's any truth to this or they were literally just pictured in a room together? Comments please...

Zach Braff: 'Harry Styles is a dyanmite spooner'

Taylor Swift hangs out with Zach Braff backstage on Broadway - PICS

Images: Getty / Instagram

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