An adorable pic of baby Selena Gomez winning a model contest has emerged online - let's celebrate with our fave celeb baby pics

When we were kids, we spent our days arguing our case as to why we shouldn't be Sporty Spice (ALWAYS Baby or Ginger), living on a diet of Dairylea triangles and Jelly Tots and deciding which member of Boyzone-then-Five-then-McFly we were ultimately gonna marry. When Selena Gomez was a kid, on the other hand, she much exactly the same as she does now.

Yup - a ridiculously cute pic of baby Selena winning a model contest's popped up online, and it's basically proof she's been Instagram ready from a young age. LOOK - it's basically Selena 2014 in the body of a mini person. We can literally imagine her breaking into Slow Down any second.

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Selena Gomez - Selena Gomez images -

Loving the poofy sleeves, babes. Oh, and here she is reading from some kind of prayer book next to actual Jesus and rockin' a flower crown we'd bloody kill for this festival season. Selena: always ahead of the trends.

Selena Gomez - Selena Gomez images -

So this got us thinking - should we have a look through some of our favourite baby celeb pics ever? We sort of have to, don't we? It's what any self-respecting #lazyjourno would do. Let's 'ave a butchers...

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Baby Bieber

Baby, baby, baby noooo etc.

Justin Bieber - Justin Bieber images -

Just-out-of-nappies Niall Horan

Love the knitted waistcoat, Nialler.

Niall Horan - Niall Horan images -

Dinky Demi Lovato

Is it weird we reckon she should try this hairstyle again?

Demi Lovato - Demi Lovato images -

Tiny Taylor Swift

Literally the same.

Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift images -

Mini Michael Clifford off of 5SOS

He'd rather sleep. Same, babes.

Michael Clifford - Michael Clifford images -


What d'ya reckon, then? Loving Selena's baby pics? Comments puhlease.

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Images: Tumblr

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