We've gotten so used to seeing Rihanna, James Franco and the like flashing their bits and bobs all over Instagram on the regular that we're pretty sure nothing can really shock us anymore.

Not even Miley Cyrus posing pre-shower with her nips almost hanging fully out and a hairdo that's pretty much a full-on copy of Cameron Diaz's infamous accidental quiff in There's Something About Mary. Because who doesn't take a naked selfie before they jump in the shower?

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Erm us. Naht a chance. BRACE YOURSELVES.

Not really sure an octopus would've been our nip-cover-up-cartoon of choice, but bravo for not doing a Ri-Ri, Miley. Posing with her signature tongue out pose in front of a mirror, Miley rocked the alternative quiff with the caption '#preshoweralfalfaselfielife'. Whatever that means.

Whilst we're here, let's just note how jealous we are of that phone cover. Googling as we speak.

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Anyhow, Miley is clearly making the most of her European trip and spending time with her sister Noah in Barcelona, and went one step further in a bid to give her fans a full look into her shower routine.

NO, not that far, thankfully. Instead, she followed this nakey pic with a post-selfie pic laying on her bed in a cute triangle bikini showing off all her tattoos and looking all lost in thought and comtemplate-y. As yer do.

Miley captioning this sultry shot '#postshowerinstagramwhoreselfielife', naturally. She is pretty much turning into an Instagram pro after all.

In conclusion, we are literally not shocked by anything anymore, so if any of you 1D lads fancy a nakey selfie, please feel very, very free.

Ahem. What do you think of Miley's latest snaps? Think it's all a bit too much? Comments please...

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