As great an invention as Twitter is, with all the excellent GIFs of One Direction tweaking each other's nipples comes the inevitable trolls, who basically use it to dish out a load of hate. One celeb who's dealt with being on the receiving end of all this firsthand is the lovely Caroline Flack and she's opened up to share a few details on how she coped with it.

Caroline Flack

Being in the public eye puts you straight in the firing line for both the positive and the negative and as Flackers revealed, when she first came into the spotlight (around the time she was on Xtra Factor and there were all those rumours about her and Harry Styles apparently dating), she found the mean comments hard to deal with.

Opening up to the Daily Mail about how she copes with dealing with that sort of abuse, she also revealed that there's no getting away from the fact that it's a pretty awful thing to have to face. Caroline was victim to a lovely cocktail of ‘cougar’ name-calling, death threats and personal comments about her looks (which is weird ‘cause she’s well buff), as she explained: “When the bullies first started it became a bit all-consuming and I got a bit lost in my thoughts.”

'It was horrible. But the more you learn about Twitter the more you realise it's an outlet for people to be angry. I was always comfortable in my own skin until people started criticising it. They'd talk about my appearance and call me fat.”

“At first I thought, "What have I done wrong?" Now I know there are a lot of angry people out there. You don't get the ups without the downs, or the downs without the ups", she said.

Harry and Caroline

Luckily Cazza Flacka Flame is pretty awesome and has a positive attitude to the whole thing these days, but being a 1D girlfriend definitely isn’t all tour bus snogging and curl-fondling. ANYWAY, bet you'd all take her back now over the Hendall days eh?

Reckon you’d still be willing to take all the abuse for the chance to be a 1D wifey? Err.. yes, obvs.

What do you reckon to Caroline’s confessions? Shocked at the way fans reacted to her? Comments please. And now let’s watch this because… reasons.


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