Harry Styles and Lou Teasdale head to London celeb hotspot Chiltern Firehouse for a night out - PICS

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After weeks on end of tearing up the entire world with their ground-shaking Where We Are shows, the One Direction boys are taking a few days of well earned downtime to chill out at home.

Last night Harry Styles was spotted having a grand ol’ time with best pal and 1D hair wizardess, Lou Teasdale, and basically the first thing you need to know about this exciting news is that Harry’s hair was looking like actual spaniels ears.

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Seriously, there’s curls and then there’s Haz’s lions mane. It’s so GLOSSY yet wild and untamed.

The pair headed to Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone, London, which is basically the place to be seen at the moment with celeb constantly piling in and out of there in various states of disarray. No disarray for Lou and Hazbo though, as they were both looking very lovely with the hair of our dreams.

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It looks like it might have taken them quite a while to battle through the army of paps waiting outside the venue, as both Harreh and Teaso were looking about 500% done with everyone around them as they tried to drive away.

Look, he's giving very disappointed looks to all the blokes with cameras. If we were them we'd have collapsed into a pile of weeping and apologising.

Ooh look, he's starting to get a bit shirty with a couple of them, while Lou clearly finds Harry's angry voice pretty hilarious. He's even got his serious hat on, the boy means business.

If this was Louis Tomlinson in the car we'd be getting middle fingers and hair flicks all over the place, but we can almost hear Harry's ridiculously polite attempt at trying to tell them all to get lost...

"EXCUSE ME WILL YOU PLEASE MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. SORRY FOR SHOUTING BUT YOU'RE QUITE ANNOYING. But I do understand that this is your job. Sorry. Please move. Sorry. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Sorry for shouting. Sorry."

Fancy a few more close ups of his extremely lovely face? Handsome chap.

Ugh, seeing new photos of him makes our eyeballs hurt like when you look at the sun directly.

Isn't that nice? Loving seeing Harry and Lou hanging out together even on their days off? Whaddya think of Harry's mega curls? Comments below s'il vous plait.


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