Cara Delevingne and Ellie Goulding have a smooch as they party at McBusted's Hyde Park show

In your face, Michelle

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Ex-girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez might be off snogging Zac Efron all over the place, but that's not stopping Cara Delevingne who's also been getting a bit of smoochy action this weekend - from Ellie Goulding of all people.

We all know that Ellie is happily shacked up with McBusted boyfriend Dougie Poynter and they couldn't be happier, yadda, yadda, yadda, but she still had a few kisses left over for Cara.

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According to The Sun, the pair were spotted swapping spit (by which we mean having a slightly kissy pic together) as they hung out out at Mcbusted's fancy Hyde Park show in London over the weekend.

"Ellie and Cara got up on some mates' shoulders. They went in for a hug but it quickly turned into a passionate kiss," a source told the paper.

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To be honest, the fact Ellie is dating Dougie and that she and Cara have been pals FOREVER makes us think that someone somewhere's nose is growing faster than Pinnochio's, but there you go.

Apparently this insider reckons the whole thing is an elaborate plot to make ex-gal pal Michelle Rodriguez a bit jealous. Especially after she was seen kissing Zefron over the weekend.

"Zac and Michelle have been dating in secret for a few weeks. Initially Michelle knew it would make Cara jealous but they've grown genuinely fond of each other," they added. "Ironically, part of the reason Michelle ended things with Cara was because she was posing and flirting with too many other celebs. She'll be furious about the kiss with Ellie."

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ANYWAY, after a headbang and a canoodle with Gouldilocks, Cara also met up with Laura Whitmore, it was a bit of a celeb-fest, with Ed Sheeran's girlfriend Athina Andrelous (slightly awks for Ellie) also turning up for a dance.

If they are auditioning for new pals, we would like to nominate ourselves. We love a cagoule and do a mean funky chicken after several wines.

What do you make of all this? Well jeal of all the funsies this lot have been having?

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