Aghhhhh. We're SO excited that little madam Cher Lloyd is back on damp, wellies-needed British soil that we've actually taken to playing her repetoire (including the X Factor classics, obvs) on repeat extremely loudly in the office. Brenda on reception wasn't too impressed at first, but one week on, even she's dancing on the table. Crazy.

Marking her return to the U of K, Cher Bear's being looking all sassy and whatnot on the cover of Fabulous Magazine, and has opened up about her X Factor experience and making amends with Cheryl Cole:

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Cher Lloyd talks X Factor to Fabulous magazine - Images -

“I was a very confused, angry 16 year old when I was on The X Factor. I made mistakes and four years on, I’ve learnt a lot of lessons and made a lot of changes to my life. I’ve done a lot of growing up.”

“I felt like people thought there was something wrong with who I was. I’d go into a room and they’d talk about how they needed to change the way I dressed and did my make-up. No one explained anything to me and it made me feel really hurt and very angry. I behaved badly because that was the only way I could deal with it.

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“If I had a 16-year-old daughter, I wouldn’t let her do a show like that. I wasn’t ready and it just messed with my head.”

It's a no from Cher. Aghhh.

Cher Lloyd talks X Factor to Fabulous magazine - images -

Cher also spoke about building metaphorical bridges with Cheryl after slating her a few years ago:

“I’ve said some stupid things, been an idiot and Cheryl is one person I want to see and speak to. She is one woman I would go to for advice. She sent me a lovely tweet when I got married and I’d love to see her soon.”

“I think she’ll be brilliant [on The X Factor]. “I’m really looking forward to her being back”.


For anyone that's a bit worried that Cher will be setting up permanent camp in the US of A, NE PANIQUE PAS. She actually wants to come home to the UK and show everyone how ruddy fantastic she is. Thank GAHD:

Cher Lloyd talks X Factor to fabulous magazine - images -

“I don’t quite know how it all kicked off in America. That was never my plan. My thing was always to make it over here because I love my country. Being successful here is what counts for me.

“I went to America with one suitcase, planning to stay for two weeks, and then two years later I was still there!”

 “My big ambition now is just to come home and let people see who I am, how I’ve changed and how I’ve grown up.I really want to be a success here. This is where I come from and who I am. I really want to make it work.”

HUZZAH. Sundays are good once again.

Cher Lloyd talks X Factor to Fabulous magazine - images -

Oh, and in case you're wondering, things with her and her beau Craig Monk are actually really good thank you:

“I love being married. I love being a wife. People think I’m young because I’m just 20, but where I come from it’s normal to get married at 16.

"I wanted a quiet wedding, we both did. It was just very low-key. I wanted to keep it as private as possible so it was just about us and our closest friends and families.”

Please stay with us forever Cher. WE LOVE YA.

What do you make of this tres honest interview then? Loving the mechanic chic looks? Think her and Cheryl should be major BFFs again? Comments please...

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Images: The Sun/Fabulous Magazine/Mark Hayman

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