HONESTLY, ten minutes in a Range Rover with Harry Styles and a gal can change. Just ask Kendall Jenner, who transformed from the quiet Kardashian who doesn’t do very much, into the most famous one of the whole lot in about three seconds flat.

It sounds like all that gearstick action with Curly Chops has gone straight to her head (can’t blame her really), as apparently she’s stomping around the place these days, telling older sister Kim Kardashian to move the fudge over and make way for her time in the spotlight. Ooh-err.

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Kim and Kendall

According to the latest issue of OK! Weekly, Kendall’s gone all Queen Bee on Kim’s extremely large bum, apparently thinking that she rules the roost these days now that her modelling career has taken off.

The headline of the story claims that Kendall told Kim “I’m the hot one now!”, adding “Everyone thinks you’re a joke!”, which is just so lovely we’re almost moved to tears. It's also about 99.38291% definitely not true, but yeah...

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An anonymous source (really reliable then) told the mag: "Now that she’s famous and heavily involved in fashion, Kendall sees herself as better than everyone else. She has become such an egomaniac that she’s now demanding twice as much as her sisters to film Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

It goes on to say that Kendall’s made it her mission to “dethrone” Kim from her spot in the famous family, bragging that “it’s taken [her] virtually no effort to be recognised by the industry players Kim still clamours to impress.”

Kim and Kendall

Haven't quite won over the One Direction fandom though, have you Kenny J? Simmer down love.

ALRIGHT, so there's a large chance that this is most probably a load of boo-hickey because we always actually thought Kendall seemed quite nice (until the Hendall escapade, obvs), but we're quite enjoying imagining Kim's crying face when Kendall said that she's the hottest Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian


What do you reckont to Kendall's rumoured little outburst? Is she the best Kardashian these days, or is Kim queen forevs? Komments please.

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What do you think?