Can we please just cast our minds back to 21st November 2013 and the image we've had basically engraved on our actual brains ever since?

You know - the image of Harry Styles driving Kendall Jenner around West Hollywood in his Range Rover and all the hashtag Hendall malarky that kicked off around it? Well get ready for round two, y'all - 'cause according to the blurriest photo of all time Kendall's been rollin' with 5 Seconds of Summer's Ashton Irwin, and it's safe to say a lot of people are hatin'.

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Yup - our Twitter timeline right now is basically a NO GO ZONE with some getting sassy, some a bit skeptical and some (read: about 2 people) shipping it after a pic of 'Kendall' and 'Ashton' (we can't even see 'Ashton' in it, tbh) got chucked on the interweb last night. Wanna see?

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OKAY, so let's attempt to simmer down and look at all this logically. The picture above is a girl getting into a taxi. The back of said girl looks a bit like it could be Kendall Jenner, but also a bit like it could be literally any other girl ever. Ashton's supposedly in there too but, again, it could be any lad. The moral of the story? We don't actually know. Might be them, might not be *shrugs*.

Kendall Jenner and Ashton Irwin - Kendall Jenner and Ashton Irwin images -

What do YOU reckon, though? Have Kendall and Ashton been hanging out? Are we gonna be seeing them skiing within a fortnight? Comments, please and a-thank you.

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