Chloe Moretz opens up about Brooklyn Beckham relationship: 'He's a risk taker'

If you weren't already jealous enough after hearing the rumours that Chloe Moretz is dating Brooklyn Beckham, she's apparently already got a bit of a look at his long board and is ready to share the details with the world.

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Chatting about *that* skateboarding date tjhey were spotted on to Company, Chloe said: "Who’s better? - I don’t know! I mean, he had a pretty small skateboard, and I had more of a long board."

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Steady on Chloe, you could at least take him out for a Maccy Ds before we start talking board sizes.

"I think he’s a risk taker, like a typical guy, weaving in and out of people," she continued. "I’m a ‘safety boarder’ – I don’t want to break any bones!"


He's not her only Brit pal either and she added: "I lived in London for sooo long when I was filming Hugo and Kick-Ass. I've known Raff, [aka Rafferty Law, son of Jude Law] since I was like, 14.

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"And Kick-Ass screenwriter Jane Goldman's daughter, Honey Ross is a good friend of mine, too."

While this doesn't necessarily confirm they're having a 'thing', skateboarding isn't the only physical activity Chloe and Brooklyn have been getting involved in. Put your dirty minds away - we're talk about the spin classes they've apparently been taking together in LA.

"They cycle together and are very cute," a source told People. "Always look to be cheering each other on with smiles. They also seem very competitive, but in a fun way.'

Ooh and err - what do you make of all that? Think these two are a match made in celeb heaven or what?

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