We don't know about you, but we've always thought the whole 'Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart don't like each other because they go after the same film roles thing' was a bit of a ploy by various tabloids and magazines to create drama where there is none.

First of all, we can't imagine either J-Law or K-Stew being that petty, and SECOND of all the pair looked nothing but overjoyed to see each other on the Oscars red carpet that time.

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So, when we heard the latest claims regarding Kristen Stewart being responsible for Jen and Nicholas Hoult's break up, we couldn't help but do a little big eye-roll.

APPARENTLY, Jen was 'furious' over recent photos showing Kristen and Nicholas - who are shooting movie Equals together in Tokyo - out for dinner, so much so that she called him and ended things as soon as she clapped eyes on the pics.

Sounds reasonable, no? Yeah, exactly - NO.

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Nicholas and Kristen

"Jen was really upset," an 'insider' told heat magazine. "She doesn't trust Kristen around anyone's man [Nice little not-so-subtle reference to Kristen's affair with married director Rupert Sanders, there] and especially not around Nick.

"She couldn't believe it when she saw that he'd been for an after-hours dinner with her. He told her they'd just been working together."

The source added: "She contacted Nick and told him that he has two weeks to move his stuff out of their West Hollywood house - she wants him gone."

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult still together - Images - Sugarscape.com

Oh PURLEASE. We're as upset as anyone that Nick and Jen are reported to have split - but there's no need to stir shiz up.

Besides, other reports suggest that the couple ended things three months ago, while the pics of Nick and Kristen only surfaced online at the beginning of August. NUH-UH HONEY, IT DON'T ADD UP.

What do you make of all this?

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